Earning writing is not unrealistic today. You can make it your main or secondary source of income. If you have a good speech and the necessary skills, nothing prevents you from doing so.

Living with writing can sound like a dream. Many people imagine how they will sit on the beach and earn by tapping on a laptop. But reality is quite different. The work of the author is challenging and you will need knowledge, time and the ability to provide the value-added service the customer needs.

You can earn writing as an employee for a particular company or as a freelance author. Let’s see what options you have if you want to make money.

Writing books

As an author of several books, I will start writing books. You can write fictitious stories, or if you have knowledge and experience in a particular field, you can try literature. Some people want to write fictitious stories because they think writing fiction is purely creative work, in which they can write almost anything and anything.

I often come across the view that writing books must be great in that I can write about anything and that there are actually no rules in writing. The truth is that the rules make a good story good. To be a great writer or writer, you need to learn these rules. You need knowledge such as what the story structure is, how to write a 3D character, how to create dialogue and plot twists – so much work and self-study awaits you.

If you expect big money from writing books, I will disappoint you. Writing books can be a lucrative profession if you have several released titles with good and stable sales that translate into other languages. The translation is the biggest advantage of writing books – you can give copyrights to your work to foreign publishing houses that take care of translation, editing and publishing, so you do the job once, but you get the money for each market yours the book gets.

You should write books primarily because you have a passion for writing. It is a way of great risk and great reward and you have to count on it. You can get writing finance by selling copyrights and selling percentages, or self-publishing yourself.

E-book publishing

If you have a written story or technical text, you can publish it as an e-book. A couple of years ago, there was a big shame about their publication and who didn’t have an ebook on their website as if it didn’t exist. However, it created a problem of poor quality, when e-book authors asked for a lot of money for little music. So, if you decide to publish an e-book, think that it should be equal in quality and content to the printed book.

If you’re using a MacBook, you can create e-books with iBooks Authors and publish them via iTunes on iBooks. You can also publish E-books in English on websites like Amazon, Smashwords and others.

E-book sales can earn you pretty good money – you can get 70% on Amazone if you have an e-shop on your website and you sell 100% of it.

The advantage of e-books is zero storage costs compared to printed books, minimum production costs (proofreading is enough), creating a mail database and automation that will keep your e-book instantly without your assistance.


If you have a website, blogging is a must. However, I’m not talking about blogging about what you did this weekend, but about writing articles of value on a particular topic that enriches, inspires or confuses your readers and the target group of the product you’re selling or the services you provide.

Your blog can earn you through a blog in multiple ways. If you are blogging on a particular subject and reaching an audience, you can monetize your site, for example, through affiliate marketing, placed advertising, or collaboration with other companies that have the same audience as yours. In this respect, the most important thing is the traffic to your blog and your expertise in the topic.

Don’t try to write about everything, but blog about your industry that you know well. You should learn how to write a good SEO-focused article, your persons and the STDC framework, so you should also think about online marketing and branding.

Blogging creates or consolidates your market position and expertise. You can also create new useful contacts in the industry. This will open the door to new opportunities.

Web Portal Editor and Guest Blogger (Content Author)

You can type for a variety of media such as websites or printed magazines. As an editor, you can write about various topics that the portal will agree with.

Writing can also be done in the form of blogs, creating native advertising or providing online courses.

If you have a specific skill, you can share your knowledge in articles as a guest writer (content writer) – as I do now with this article. In this case, you will build on your personal experience and knowledge. You should actively search for these options and reach web portals or magazines for which you can write. It just depends on your personal preferences and experiences, who you want to write about and what topics you want to be interested in.

Copywriting and Content Marketing

If you’re good at finding information and you’re not having trouble writing text on different topics by typing, try copywriting and content marketing. Copywriting and content marketing is the creation of content that will attract new readers as well as enrich existing ones. It is not always primarily a sale. The goal of content marketing is also to create trust, community, or relationship with readers.

As a copywriter and content marketer, you can write to SEO and marketing agencies or directly to the client with whom you agree to collaborate. The actual implementation is different for each client. Usually you get from the client, in addition to the topic, scope and deadline, keywords, personas and background documents.

But in your little finger you need not only a grammatical and stylistic side of writing, but you should also understand online marketing. You should have the knowledge to write a good article focusing on SEO, branding or STDC framework (see, think, to, care). So you connect creative writing with an analytical approach.

Ghostblogging and ghostwriting

Many well-established bloggers and writers will start to devote themselves to other activities over time and don’t have much time left for their site. At that time, experienced copywriters will come in to create content for them under the name of the owner of the site. Ghoswriting also works when writing books, when the author pays a ghost writer to write his book. However, getting into such orders is not easy, you will usually find out about them thanks to good contacts.

Online courses and coaching

You can share your knowledge and experience with online courses and coaching. You can help your clients achieve the skills you have. The form that such teaching will take depends on you. To minimize effort, you can create an automated online course in the form of e-books, articles, premium content, podcasts, or videos that the customer purchases and educates himself according to your background and instructions. If you prefer live lessons, you can provide coaching and consultations, for example through skype or in person.

Providing services via web portals

You can register on portals such as UpWork.com, Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, etc. Through these sites, you can provide services such as author, copywriter, content writer, editor, or write CVs or reviews. You can also translate from one language to another. You can provide your services in online marketing, SEO, programming, etc. The possibilities are unresponsive, depending on your abilities and preferences.

Conclusion in summary

Being a freelance author is not impossible. However, you will need a lot of time and effort. It is up to you what you tend to do – whether you want to write fictitious stories, content marketing, or web portals.

Get started with the options that are available to you and work your way to better work. If you want to write for magazines, businesses, or marketing agencies, look for job placement advertisements. Search for new opportunities regularly and create new contacts. Good contacts can help you and get better-paid orders. You should have your portfolio on your website and create a social networking account on LinkedIn.